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Mozart Gold

30.11.2012 04:35 - Judy Bell

I have been trying to buy the Mozart Chocolate Gold for years. My husband loves it and I want to surprise him this Christmas. We first tried it in Saltzburg. He still talks about it. I hope I can buy some for him now.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

29.11.2012 12:55 - Candice

My colleague brought these back from Vienna and now I'm addicted. I'm getting my partner a pack for his xmas stocking.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

29.11.2012 02:07 - Sonia Galvan

I first tasted these in Salzburg when I visited with my parents when I was 13 years old. Since then I have never gotten back but I have been fortunate enough to hunt down the liquor and different versions of this unforgettable candy.

Ildefonso 80pcs

29.11.2012 00:24 - J B

My mother is from Austria, and we used to get these sent to us at Christmas from her cousin. I remember these from 50 years ago as being the most amazing chocolates! I can't believe they are still being made AND that I remembered the name from my childhood. I plan to order some as a surprise for this Christmas. Everyone will be very surprised.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

28.11.2012 22:49 - Alison Johnson

We visited Saltzburg for our 10th wedding anniversary and had a wonderful weekend seeing the amazing sights of the city. I discovered Mozart chocolates in a beautiful box shaped like a violin .... I fell in love with them. I now ask Father Christmas for some every year - they are simply amazing !

Darbo Powidl 450g

28.11.2012 15:04 - Shirl

Ich traume jetzt noch von eure Powidl!!!! Vor 12 jahren sind wir nach Sud-Afrika umgezogen, aus Wien, und ich habe mein Darbo Powidl mitgenommen da ich nicht ohne es sein wollte! Nach einige zeit hatten wir naturlich keine mehr und Leider gibt es nicht in Sud-Afrika. Das ist sehr traurig! Ich liebte immer dieser Powidl und bin so froh eure seite jetzt gefunden zu haben! :-))

Mozart Violino

28.11.2012 15:01 - SCHEENAERTS

Il y a bien longtemps déjà, je me suis rendu en Autriche avec mon Directeur d'Usine de l'époque pour 1 semaine de travail chez un fournisseur d'équipements industriels. Un soir alors que nous avions terminé notre journée de travail un peu plus tôt, mon directeru m'a convié à me joindre à lui (il avait alors 72 ans) pour une partie de Shopping; comme l'auraient fait 2 femmes, nous avons sillonné Salzburg et ses magnifiques ruelles. Au détour de certains quartiers, nous avons pu apprécier la splendeur de cette pittoresque ville. nous avons fait une halte au CAFE-FÜRST, Chocolaterie Viennoiserie réputée de SALZBURG et, c'est à ce moment là que j'ai apprécié la douce saveur des Boules de MOZART, grand amateur de pâtes d'Amandes et de chocolats j'atteignais le NIRVANA; il ne m'a pas fallu longtemps pour faire les provisions. De retour en France, j'ai offert un coffret à ma femme, je me souviens il était environ 23h00 quand je suis rentré à la maison et après quelques embrassades et échanges de mots nous nous sommes assis dans le salon pour partager ces chocolats un long moment sans dire un mot. Voilà le souvenir que me laisse cette délicate confiserie. Soit dit en passant, si un jour vous avez l'occasion de visiter l'Autriche, faites le, il y a aussi la restauration de montagne avec ses gibiers forts accompagnés d'airelles, un régal!!!

Hirter Birra

28.11.2012 11:48 - ChunkyDave

Hiter is one of the most accessible beers available in Austria . It has a definitive after taste , which stay with you . It has a name similar to that to an ill famous Austrian. Unlike the latter it is warm, friendly and not full of false promises. In all seriousness , I would highly recommend this beer for me it has a bit more taste than a lot of the German beers north of the border . But still retains the cleanness of the wonderful Bavarian beers . Having an Austrian wife has given me the taste for Austrian beer. Being UK based it is it surprisingly difficult to get hold of the good stuff and I miss the likes of Zipfer , Hiter , Kaiser , Gosser , Eggenberg . . to name a few of there wonderful beers . When we are not in Austria I am able to drink this magical stuff, which takes me back to Ober Osterrich ! I suddenly feel like I am by the lake in Gmuden or up the fire mountain in Ebensee instead of Norf London ! Enjoy ! !

Gösser Zwickl Scura

28.11.2012 06:22 - B.F.Goodrich

NO MORE GOSSER (Austrian) BEER IN AMERICA. They gave up, waved the white flag to the other beer producers. No loyality to the millions of dedicated Gosser Beer lovers here in the USA. At the very least they could have given a good reason why they stopped selling beer here.Maybe the competition was too tough. Maybe management was too weak, whatever...time to move on. I will switch to HoffBrau (HB) Beer. They seem to have a product that is superior to Gosser.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

27.11.2012 14:59 - Mark S

My mother was born in Vienna but moved to London during the war when she was only 13 so her family could escape persecution. She told me about the Mozart chocolates, but I had never tried them until I visited Vienna a few years ago to try to find out a bit about my families history. My wife and I had a fabulous time in Vienna and went home a few kilos heavier after trying the famous Sacha Torte and of course the Mozartkegeln. They are quite unlike any other chocolate I have ever tried and since them I have been trrying to find somewhere in this country (UK) where I could get them on a regular basis. Occasionally, I have found them but not often. I urge anybody who can find them to try them and maybe start asking a few shops in the UK to stock them. I am sure they will sell as well in this country as any where else after all we do eat a huge amount of chocolate here. Shortly, I will be going back to Vienna and will stock up on them again and also bring back some for friends and family who have also fallen in love with thehm

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