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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

23.03.2014 14:01 - baudin

merci pour vos délicieux chocolats que j'ai découvert à l'occasion de mon séjour à Salzbourg il y a déjà bien longtemps. merci de nous permettre de pouvoir déguster d'aussi bons chocolats.

Edelweiss Birra

20.03.2014 22:07 - Myra Fossey

Do you deliver to Jersey? Discovered Edelweiss Beer whilst on holiday in France and looking fir a supplier. Many thanks, Myra.

Wieselburger Birra

19.03.2014 21:09 - SteveO

Big fan of Wieselburger Beer. Do you guys ship to Tennessee (USA)


09.03.2014 13:48 - Sandra Gessl

Schade dass es die Fanfare Röllchen nicht mehr gibt. Manchmal hab ich so einen Gusta auf Fanfare. Wäre Super wenn man sie im Supermarkt wieder bekommen würde, bevor ihr was neues produziert. Die waren Superlecker!!! Ich gehe davon aus dass andere das auch so sehen. Ich möchte im Geschäft Fanfare Röllchen wieder finden. Danke Hochachtungsvoll Sandra Gessl

Edizione di Regalo Mozart

05.03.2014 04:24 - mauricio larco

I would like to know how I am going to get the product please

Ildefonso 15pcs

02.03.2014 22:55 - Tracy dale

I am waiting fory paid order. Do u have also Heidl chocolates? Regards. T. Dale

Mozart Black

24.02.2014 22:59 - John Cocktoasten

I first tried this in Roma eating farfale pasta listening to Verdi, while Puccini was on the radio, but I digress. At the time, I drank half a bottle. The room spun for me my friends but between the urge to evacuate my bowels and drink more, I drank more Mozart dark, much like my bowels later on....

Kaiser Doppelmalz

20.02.2014 20:11 - Howard

Das Kaiser Doppelmalz schmeckt einfach nur gut. Wer lieber etwas süsseres Bier mag ist damit gut bedient. Leider gibt es das nicht in D zu kaufen, da es in D auch eine Kaiser Brauerei gibt. Also bleibt nur hier bzu bestellen oder nach Österreich zu fahren und es dort zu kaufen...

Milka Cioccolata Mucca Felice

17.02.2014 20:03 - Heljä

I absolutely love Milka chocolate and especially this flavor, because it is the first one I ever tasted from Milka. My godfather is German and every time I got gifts from him and his wife, it was always something special and exciting. One time I got a cow shaped, funny looking Alpine milk chocolate bar that was filled with milk cream. It was heavenly; I have never ever in my life tasted anything like that. It was like symphony to my taste buds, so sweet and so fulfilling! I remember I used to carefully save that cow shaped chocolate bar for a long time, because I did not want the amazing experience to come to an end. I always thought that when I finish that chocolate bar, I can always ask for my godfather to bring me another one. But unfortunately my godfather does not live in Germany anymore and I live in a country where they do not sell a lot of Milka chocolate bars, so I have been searching and searching for the perfect place to buy these Milka chocolate bars, especially the Alpine milk chocolate bar. This website is a savior for me, because finally I can purchase my favourite chocolate bars whenever I feel like it!

Sissi Cioccolate

17.02.2014 03:35 - Tracy Dale

The best chocolates & pralines HEINDL!!! Were can I get in California or Canada?

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